Tone-up in less time with


Increase flexibility, restore balance and improve your aerobic fitness with a range of 50 minute, low impact workouts to fit into your day.

REFORMER (all levels)

Build up your strength and get to know the team. These classes are the perfect introduction to Muse Pilates, open to everyone from beginner to intermediate, regardless of fitness level, age or experience. Instructors will provide options for all levels.

REFORMER (intermediate)

Increase the challenge and take your fitness to the next level. These classes are designed for seasoned reformer members who have built up a reasonable amount of fitness and are ready to advance in strength and technique.


Changing our relationship with the reformer bed, utilising the reformer bed for assistance and support to stretch and release muscle tightness and tension within the body.


Target your booty and shape up your curves. These classes
are a deep-burn workout targeted at sculpting, toning and defining your booty, suitable for all levels.


Increase the cardio power of your reformer workout in a way that is safe and low-impact on the body. This is a beginner level class, with intermediate options provided throughout the class.

Ready to lengthen and lean your muscles?
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